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All reports within a dashboard must run against a single database
Answer ID 9093   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

In a dashboard, can individual reports be set to run against different databases?


Analytics, Reports, Dashboards
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Reports are running against the wrong database when run inside a dashboard.


A dashboard always forces all the reports in it to run against a single database; they will all run on the reports database, or they will all run on the operational database. Which database they run on is determined via a setting in the dashboard. There is currently no way to have some reports run on one, and other reports to run on the other database when run on a single dashboard.

To change this setting, edit the dashboard. On the Ribbon --> In the Home tab --> in the Properties area --> select Options --> More Options --> ensure the Data Source option is set to the desired database.

To learn about the distinction between the two databases, along with their strengths & weaknesses, see Answer ID 5609: Information on different database types used for reporting.