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Positive answer feedback stopped after upgrade, November 2015 and newer
Answer ID 9076   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why has all positive answer feedback stopped since an upgrade?


Reports, ans_stats table
Versions November 2015 and newer


After an upgrade to version November 2015 or newer, all positive answer feedback stops.


The Knowledge Foundation functionality was added in the November 2015 version. One part of that addition was adding a number of new tables. In order to match the new tables, the ans_stats table is now treated slightly differently. Rather than no/yes answer feedback being stored in the columns solved_1 & solved_2 respectively, they are now stored in solved_1 & solved_5. Therefore any report that utilized the column solved_2 will need to be updated to now use solved_5.

For additional information, see Answer 5193: .