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Average Handle Time column in chat real-time reports
Answer ID 8789   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

How is the Average Handle Time column being calculated?


Agent console, Chat real-time reports
Oracle B2C Service


The Average Handle Time column is taking information from chat_agent_sessions_rt.avg_handle_secs which is a real-time column directly populated by the chat server. This column calculates the average chat length and does not include wait time by the consumer. The Average Handle Time calculation is performed after a chat has been terminated. If an agent is still in wrap up mode and has not yet terminated the chat, the Average Handle Time calculation will not update since the wrap up time is still being determined and is part of the handle time of the chat. 

The average chat length is being calculated irrespective of chat being transferred. The designed behavior is as follows: agent1 picks up a chat and after back and forth discussions he transfers chat to agent2.When agent2 terminates chat, the Average Handle Time will be calculated for the entire chat length and attributed to agent2.

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