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Sitemap is missing entries
Answer ID 8693   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Why does our sitemap have so few entries in it?


Customer Portal versions 3.3 and greater


Beginning with version 3.3 of Customer Portal you may notice a change to how the sitemap is formatted. Before this version if you viewed your sitemap:

http://your VHOST/ci/sitemap/

You would see an xml file with a list of links to your answers

But now when you view your sitemap you see a smaller xml file with a few links: For example you might see links for:

http://your VHOST/ci/sitemap/answers/page/1

http://your VHOST/ci/sitemap/questions/page/1


The first link will take you to the xml file with a list of links to your answers that you are used to seeing.

The second link will take you to an xml file with a list of links to questions of your Community Self Service social pages.

If your sitemap is completely empty, it may need to be enabled. See Answer 12254: Sitemap and robots.txt for instructions on how to enable sitemap.

For more information, refer to Answer ID 2553: Using a sitemap with our Oracle B2C Service application.