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Failed messages after sending outbound responses from Middleware
Answer ID 8607   |   Last Review Date 11/07/2022

Why messages have the status FAILED in Oracle Field Service (OFS) even though we configured our Middleware according to the Outbound API SDK?


Applies to all versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


Messages have the final status FAILED (MESSAGE_STEP_EXPIRED) even though Middleware was configured according to the Outbound API SDK


According to Outbound API SDK, for the send_message_response the fields message_id and status are required and have to be sent at all times but fields description, data, external_id, duration, sent, fault_attempt, stop_further_attempts, time_delivered_start and time_delivered_end are not required. This is also described in the WSDL by specifying minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" for the non-required fields.

When sending send_message_response it is recommended to only send fields that have a value, so even if the fields are not required they should either be sent with values or not sent at all.

Sending specific tags with an empty value, as in <duration/>, may return errors like: {ERROR: send_message: '' is not a valid Integer value. Tag = duration}. It is a protocol requirement to either send some value as part of the send_message_response or not send the tag at all.

For further details please review the Outbound API SDK here: Integrating with Oracle Field Service Cloud Outbound API