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Routing time limits and execution
Answer ID 8567   |   Last Review Date 03/19/2019

Why did my routing plan run for more than the time limit I have set?


Applies to all versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I've set a time limit of 20 minutes for my routing plan, however it ran for more than that


The time limit that is set in the routing plan's settings has to do strictly with the run of the routing engine. It does not include time for data interchange, which will be in excess of the specified time limit. Real situation is that, upon reaching the time limit, the routing engine does not stop immediately. It finishes the current iteration, and only then responds with the best set of provider routes.

If there is a case where the execution of routing plans happens every, say, 20 minutes and routing plan's time limit is set to the same 20 minutes, this does not leave time for the completion of routing run and data interchange. Thus, this results in time limits exceeded and bad routing results

It is, therefore, recommended to either reduce the routing plans' time limit in order to avoid the conflict of concurrent/subsequent routing runs, or increase the execution timeframe until the correct balance is reached. Note that this only impact routing plans on the same bucket, not at a company level.

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