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Setting an Intelligent Advisor project to run in compatibility mode (downgrade a deployment)
Answer ID 8561   |   Last Review Date 06/25/2020

What can be done if a customer's Intelligent Advisor project isn't compatible with an upgraded Intelligent Advisor hub?


Intelligent Advisor


Compatibility mode can be used to run particular deployments in the previous quarterly release version. This provides time to resolve any layout or behavior differences between versions.

Compatibility mode can be useful if:

  • you are experiencing issues with deployed interviews or web services after upgrade, or
  • you know that the next upgrade will break the deployment.

For deployments in compatibility mode in the Intelligent Advisor 8C release only, both the Web services - Assess option and the Web services - Interview option do the same thing. That is, selecting either option will deploy the policy model to all appropriate services in the Determination Server. To undeploy from the Determinations Server you must uncheck both options. For later releases, the options will work as expected.

Note that it is recommended that deployments always use the latest product release unless warranted. Compatibility mode is only temporary, and either a patch must be deployed or the customer's policy models must be made compatible with the latest version of the runtime prior to the rollout of the next quarterly release.

Also note: Only policy models that have NOT yet been modified in any way by the latest version of Oracle Policy Modeling can be put into compatibility mode.