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'Table lock' errors when saving standard text
Answer ID 8483   |   Last Review Date 03/11/2019

Why do agents receive "lost table lock..." or "lock was lost" errors when saving Standard Text?


Standard Text, Oracle B2C Service Console


Errors received in the console when saving Standard Text:

"Lost table lock for Standard Text. The table lock no longer exists. Another user has overridden the lock and released it. You are no longer able to save this editor."
"Standard Text: A previous acquired lock was lost"


Save the Standard Text before the CX Console goes idle due to inactivity.

Just as with any document an agent might work on throughout the day, regularly saving the work is strongly advised.


This error appears only when an agent is in the process of modifying one or more standard text and the CX Console locks due to inactivity. In this case, the agent's lock on the std_content table is lost. An agent cannot retain a lock on the table when the connection to the database is lost, which is what happens when the CX Console session locks. The agent's lock on the table is lost, and the message indicating that the lock has been overridden is received. This is expected product behavior. An agent should not expect to retain a lock on a database table if they are not actively working.