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How to export the SSL certificate
Answer ID 8397   |   Last Review Date 02/26/2019

How can I export the SSL certificate from Oracle Field Service Manage interface?


All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I don't know how to export the SSL certificate from Oracle Field Service Core Manage/Core Application interface


To obtain the SSL certificate, you need to follow these steps:

1. Login with your user in OFS Core Manage/Core Application

2. Click on the "lock" icon in the address bar.

For Mozilla Firefox:

3a. Click on More Information

4a. Click on View Certificate

5a. Click on Details tab

6a. Click on or (it depends on which URL your environment is hosted)

7a. Click on Export

8a. Choose a name and Save

For Google Chrome:

3b. Click on Connection tab

4b. Click on Certificate Information

5b. Click on Details tab

6b. Click on Copy to File

7b. Click Next > Select "Base-64 encoded X.509 (.CER)" > Next

8b. Click Browse > Choose a name and Save > Next > Finish

For Internet Explorer:

3c. Click on View Certificates and continue with step 5b