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SSL certificate renewal - actions required on customer's side for Oracle Field Service
Answer ID 8350   |   Last Review Date 06/17/2021

With an SSL renewal, is there anything we need to do on our side?


Applies to all Oracle Field Service (OFS) versions


We have received a notification stating the SSL certificate for our OFS site will be changed. Please let us know if any actions should be performed on our side.


SSL certificate renewals are not known to affect Mobility or Manage users or interfaces.  With this being said, your middleware interface may require a certificate installation or update. The SSL certificate can be downloaded from your instance URL (via web browser or command line). You may also contact Oracle OFS Support Team if you need further assistance in downloading the SSL certificate.

Additional Information:

Answer ID 8397: How to export the SSL certificate

The Akamai SSL certificate 2021 for customers calling <instance_name> is available in the attachments section of this Answer.

For customers calling, the current certificate is valid until June 27th. New wildcard certificate is available in the attachments section of this Answer.