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Rest API retrieve properties using Get an Activity method
Answer ID 8336   |   Last Review Date 03/04/2022

Why is it not possible to retrieve a custom property value using Get an Activity Rest API method?


Oracle Field Service


Custom property value cannot be retrieved using Get an activity Rest API method.


The Ge an activity /rest/ofscCore/v1/activities/{activityId} REST API method returns the properties available in OFS only if the property meets the following conditions:

   1.  Property Value is not empty

   2.  The property should belong to the activity entity
        This can be verified by looking under Configuration > Properties > [Property name] > Entity column   

Configuration > Properties > search for the property and view Entity column

   3.  The property, access level (Read Only or Read Write) related conditions have been specified on the API access for the suitable Application.

• This can be verified by looking at Configuration > Applications > Select the Application you will use to authenticate the request

• Under API access >  Core API  > make sure Activity entity is not set to hidden.