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I cannot find an explanation about "File property" in the user guide
Answer ID 8291   |   Last Review Date 01/13/2019

Why can't I find an explanation about "File property", specially about file, signature, image, capture image element?


Applies to all Oracle Field Service (OFS) versions


The fields in 'Add File Property' window are not described in any present documentation of OFS.


File Property typeCustom properties that require some type of file upload. These could include MIME types such as .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .mpeg, .zip, html, .wav, or .doc.  Examples of File properties could be customer signatures or even technician photos.

Description of each fields are as below:

* Property name - the name that displays on the screen; what the end-user sees.

* Property label - this unique identifier is how the database will recognize the property.

* Property hint - an optional field - hints display when a user hovers the mouse over the field name within the context that the property is placed.

* Language - select the default language that the field should display in from the drop down list.

* Entity - select the entity from the drop down for which this new property will be associated.  Your options are: activity, equipment, technician, service request, and user.

* File element - generic file, represented as a link to download.

* Signature element - The technician has an ability to draw signature and then save it being offline. This feature works in browsers that support canvas element with 2D rendering context.

* Image element - generic file, represented as a thumbnail.

* Capture image element - Users with devices operating on Android 3.1 and higher can take photographs with embedded cameras and assign these photos to OFS activities, resources, users, inventories, service requests. Photos are saved with a timestamp. It is possible to save the photo with the geolocation coordinates of the site where it was taken.

Allow draw on image – the user will be able to edit the image after it's done;
Get geolocation – the image will be save with latitude and longitude of where it was done;
Maximum picture width (in pixels) – if the picture is wider, it will be resized to fit the value;
Maximum picture height (in pixels) – if the picture is higher, it will be resized to fit the value;
Note that picture will be scaled proportionally.

* Allowed MIME types delimiter - select how the values in 'Allowed MIME types' will be delimited. Your options are: new line or comma

* Allowed MIME types - the type of files accepted to be uploaded for this file property. Examples are image/gif, image/jpeg, text/plain, text/html, video/mpeg, audio/x-wav, application/zip, application/, application/pdf, application/msword