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Changing the image file to be displayed on the login page for the desktop agent console
Answer ID 8084   |   Last Review Date 12/31/2018

How can I modify the image displayed on the login page to capture the credentials of the user?


Agent console, versions May 2015 and newer
Oracle B2C Service


The login screen is rendered incorrectly with scrollbars making login difficult as users have to scroll to the credentials fields.


Starting in the May 2015 version of Oracle B2C Service, the login screen is loading an SSO page.

The path to the image that loads behind the login fields is controlled through the SSO_IDP_PHP_LOGIN_PAGE_LOGO_PATH configuration verb.

The default value is /rnt/rnw/img/admin/Oracle_Small.png and any custom values should contain fully qualified URL.

The path to this setting is:  Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key

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