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Oracle B2C Service Community deprecation begins August 31, 2015
Answer ID 7987   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2019

What do I need to know about the deprecation of the legacy (aka Hivelive) Oracle B2C Service Community product?


Oracle B2C Service Community


The Oracle B2C Service Community platform -- also known as Oracle RightNow Social Experience Support and Innovation Cloud Service, and, before that, HiveLive (from a 2009 RightNow Technologies acquisition) – is nearing its’ deprecation period. Removal of this product will happen November 2018.

How long will we have to use the Community platform?

The Community product began its deprecation period on August 31, 2015. Customers must complete migration to Community Self Service before the End of Life (EOL) event which is November 2018.

During this period, Oracle B2C Service communities will continue to operate and be supported (i.e. defects addressed), though no new functionality will be introduced.

What is the alternative to the Community?

At the same time that the Community product begins its deprecation period, new forum/peer-to-peer support functionality has been introduced as part of the August 2015 release of Oracle B2C Service. This new set of community capabilities, called Community Self Service, is built natively into the core Oracle B2C Service product. For more information, see B2C Service Community Self-Service ppt.

Can our community be migrated to Community Self Service?

There is no automated path of migration from the legacy Hivelive product to Community Self Service. We do have a spreadsheet that outlines the differences between the two products in order to help you export and import into CSS or a community product of your choice.  Ask your Account Manager for this information.

Where can we ask questions about Community and Community Self Service?

In addition to your account team, the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Customer Portal Forum is a great place for questions on all Service Cloud social products and functionality.