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New installer certificate for February 2015 and newer releases
Answer ID 7958   |   Last Review Date 02/13/2019

Why do we need a new installer certificate?


February 2015 and newer releases


The Oracle B2C Service solution uses an Authenticode secure hash algorithm to provide assurance to our customers that our deployed .NET software is genuine and secure. More information.  These certificates expire and need to be updated periodically.  We are required to re-sign all of the sites in order to update the certificate.  

Expected impact?

  • Users will only be impacted during the next upgrade after February 13, 2019. Post-cutover anyone launching the application (from either the launch page or start menu) will have the 'Application Install' window pop up and be required to click  'Install'  to update and launch the application.  See screenshots below.
  • Workstations need to have Windows updates applied through Q1 of 2016.

Screenshots following next upgrade cutover after February 13, 2019:

They will see the 'Launch Application' window

Without prompt they will see the new installer downloaded

The Login screen will appear as normal