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Incident email responses not sending
Answer ID 7877   |   Last Review Date 07/14/2019

Why do incident responses fail to send an e-mail while forward works correctly?


Customers using Message Templates
November 2012 and newer releases


Incident responses are not being emailed to customers when "Send On Save" is selected.  The Audit Log for the incident shows the Failure Description "Message delivery to some recipients failed".  Incidents being forwarded by email are working correctly.


There are several reasons why Incident Responses might not be emailed to the contact.  One possibility is that Message Templates might be enabled while the Contact Email Message Templates are not configured to send.

Configure Contact Message Templates to send:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Site Configuration > Message Templates
  2. Click the Interface
  3. On the ribbon, click Contact Emails and expand the Incident drop-down menu
  4. The check boxes must be selected for the corresponding Message Template to send
  5. On the ribbon, click Deploy All and Save & Close

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