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Changes to wrap-up mode in Enhanced Console
Answer ID 7831   |   Last Review Date 02/26/2019

Why is "Automatically release chat after wrap-up" disabled for the Enhanced Console?


Chat customers moving from Legacy to the Enhanced Console


In the Chat Options (Chat Flexible Incident Editing), there are several wrap-up options that are marked with an asterisk as options that are not active for agents logged into the Enhanced Service console. The reason for this is as follows:

The Legacy Console was improperly releasing the chat after the wrap-up timer expires; irrespective of whether or not required fields in the associated incident have been set or whether or not the agent has clicked the terminate button.  This creates a problem in that once the chat has been released, the chat cannot [truly] be modified any further.  So, if an agent later associates another incident with the chat, the change will not be reflected in the ‘chats’ table in the database despite appearances to the contrary in the console.

Additionally, the Legacy Console behavior skews chat handle times.  The intention of the “wrap-up” time period is to allow the agent to disposition associated records (e.g. the incident, contact, etc.) after the end-user is disconnected.  The wrap-up period ends when the agent terminates the chat.  There should be a one-to-one correspondence between terminating a chat and releasing the chat.  In other words, wrap-up begins when the “wrap-up” button is clicked and ends when the “terminate” button is clicked.

In summary, the Legacy Console behavior was not intended behavior and could be seen as defective behavior because it results in skewed/inaccurate "Chat Handling" and "Agent Effectiveness" reporting. 

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