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Setting visibility for answer attachments
Answer ID 7816   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How can we set visibility for attachments in an answer?


All versions


When attaching files or documents to answers, under the Properties tab, the agent has the option to choose whether that attachment will be private or not. However, confusion may arise, as the privacy set there is not related to the privacy of the attachment in relation to the visibility of the answer.

Regardless of whether an answer is made visible or not to the logged in end-users, setting the Private check under the Properties tab will imply that the attachment will not be visible on the end-user pages at all.

Consequently, if one wishes to set an attachment as not visible on the end-user pages for everybody, it suffices to set the visibility for the answer the attachment is linked to, without making any changes to the properties of the attachment.

There are many cases in which the attachments are made private, so that they are not visible by a certain category of end-users, however this only sets the attachment unavailable for anyone else besides the accounts with access in the console.