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Submitting a routing related request for OFS
Answer ID 7272   |   Last Review Date 11/05/2021

How do I submit a routing related request?


Oracle Field Service (OFS), Routing Requests


When submitting a request related to routing, we will not be able to quickly address your questions unless you provide us with enough information. Please include the following mandatory details in your request:

► User to log into the system: 

This information will help us witness the issue from your standpoint.

► Routing run ID:

The routing run ID is one of the most important pieces of information that you can provide us with. This gives us the ability to look at the exact routing run in which you are referring to.

  • Can't find the routing run id?

      1. Go to Routing screen.

      2. Select the bucket in which you are referring to from the Resource Tree on the left of your screen.

      3. Select the correct date when the issue occurred.

            Shows date and Bucket name

      4. In the Execution Summary tab double click the summary where the issue occurred. The routing run ID is located on the top of the summary. In the example below, the ID is 10802.

            Routing execution summary shows Routing ID on the top of the screen.

Routing Plan name

The routing plan name can also be found in the Execution Summary right before the Routing ID. In the example above, the routing plan name is "Bulk Routing".

► Date & Time of routing run:

The calendar date, for which the routing was initiated and date/time on which date the action was performed. This information allows to track back the action in time and see what date in possible future the assignment was targeted for. 

► Date & Time of when this behavior was first witnessed: 

Allows us to quickly track back any patterns of the system behavior and address them accordingly.

► Bucket in which routing was run:

In order to properly investigate, we will need the bucket name & external ID in which the problem is located.

  • Can't find external ID?

      1. Go to Resource screen

      2. Select the bucket in which you are referring to from the resource tree on the left of your screen.

      3. Note the External ID

► Work order number:

Allows us to quickly detect the exact job considered for assignment.

► Description and expected result:

Please explain in elaborate detail (including work order and provider numbers) what you base your expectation of (i.e. certain settings, successful manual assignment, etc.). These details are crucial for us to better understand your business use case and address it shortly.

► Overall routing quality issue:

If your overall expectations of the routing quality have not been met, we ask you to include an input based of the manual assignments: 

      1. Select the bucket in the Resource Tree that you ran the routing plan on.

      2. Go to the Dashboard screen and select the Route Report (must be added to your User Type). Export the records to a spreadsheet file 1.

Dashoards > Route Report

      3. Now perform manual rearrangements of the work orders in the expected resources' route the way most suitable for you and repeat the step 2 above, only this time save the results into a spreadsheet file 2.

      4. Compare the results from the manual changes to the routing execution. If your manipulations display a better outcome, be sure to submit the spreadsheet files 1 and 2 in a Support Request with us. 


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