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Forwarding an incident did not work
Answer ID 6954   |   Last Review Date 10/10/2018

We forwarded an incident but it was not received, why is this?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


In such an instance, you will want to check to see if EGW_LOOP_PREVENTED_ENABLED configuration setting is set to enabled (value of "1").

A quick explanation of this setting is as follows:

If enabled, any email where the reply-to email address matches the reply-to email address of any mailbox in RightNow Service will be discarded and no incident will be created. In this way, the mailbox deletes any messages from itself, which can prevent continuous email loops. Default is enabled (Yes).

The reason is, if you are attempting to forward to another hosted Oracle B2C Service Mailbox, as per the above setting the forward will be disregarded by techmail.

The path to this setting in the console is:
Configuration > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > search by Key