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Profile and Software Management Applications
Answer ID 6342   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Is the Service Cloud application supported with Profile and or Software Management Applications?


Supported versions.


The Oracle B2C Service application is not supported with Profile Management and or Software Management Applications. Please avoid using Profile Management applications or Software Management applications or systems.


Profile Management applications.

Profile Management applications create a Roaming Profile or emulate a Windows Roaming Profile and limit a users access to their Windows Profile.

The Oracle B2C Service application application is installed using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology. This technology is not supported by Microsoft with roaming profiles. For details see

Software Management applications.

Software Management applications block or stop software installation and or software updates based on a set of specific rules. They can also restrict deployment of application components into a users Windows Profile. Since Oracle B2C Service is a dynamic cloud application and can change at any time, it is most likely that installation or deployment criteria can change at any time. 

Deployment issues related to the deployment of  Oracle B2C Service in a roaming profile environment, when using Profile Management applications, and or Software Management application or systems are not supported by Oracle RightNow.

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