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Intelligent Advisor Interview not loading in Internet Explorer or showing "Session has expired".
Answer ID 6271   |   Last Review Date 12/13/2019

Why is my Intelligent Advisor Interview not loading when Internet Explorer is used?


Intelligent Advisor 


As a best practice, the Intelligent Advisor and Oracle B2C Service sites should have the same domain name.  If they do not, Internet Explorer's browser security features will prevent the display of links containing the Intelligent Advisor sites domain from within the Oracle B2C Service site. 

- Correct Example:
OSvC Site:
Intelligent Advisor Site:

- Incorrect Example:
OSvC Site:
Intelligent Advisor Site:


This typically occurs if an Oracle B2C Service site recently underwent a domain name change (i.e. from "" to "")


If the Intelligent Advisor site is on a different domain than the Oracle B2C Service site, third party cookies must be enabled for the Intelligent Advisor site's domain in Internet Explorer's privacy settings.