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Opportunities manager field showing No Value
Answer ID 6264   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Why is the opportunities manager field showing no value when all agents have a manager?


Analytics / Opportunities / Accounts
Oracle B2C Service


All accounts have assigned managers at the account level. However, when generating a report that lists opportunities, assigned account and manager, the 'manager' field shows No Value.

It is likely the managers were assigned or changed at the account level after affected opportunities were created or assigned.  This would cause a mismatch of data.


1. Select one example and confirm that the assigned account does indeed have an associated manager in the accounts table.
     Path:  Configuration > Staff Management > Staff Accounts by Profile > Open an account for edit > Select Department from the top ribbon > Note the "Manager" field has a valid value

2. If the account does have a manager value, return to your opportunities report and open an example record where the manager value shows blank.

3. Manually re-select the assigned account value

4. Save and close the record

5. Refresh the report

To resolve this for a large number of affected opportunities, create a basic custom report (i.e. pulling only opportunities ID, assigned account and manager fields).  You can then sort by the Assigned value and multi-select several for the same agent at one time.  Re-select that value in the workspace and save.  This will correct (update) the "manager" value.