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Attachments will not open in the console, no "Open" action available
Answer ID 6262   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why can't agents open attachments from a contact record?  There's no Open action button.


Workspaces, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions


Agent has lost the ability to open attachments in the contact workspace.  There is no "Open" action.


One option to look at is if your site is configured to allow attachments to be opened.  This may be applicable when the Attachments tab is using the standard 'File Attachment' control item within the workspace. Refer to Answer ID 5388: Open option is grayed out in the attachments tab for information on this configuration option. 

If the Attachments tab is using a custom report in place of the standard 'File Attachments' control item, two additional possibilities are as follows:

1. The affected agent (and associated profile) do not have permissions enabled for the report being used within the workspace.
Open the custom report for editing and view the Permissions (Home tab > Properties > Permissions).

2. The 'Group Results' option needs to be enabled within the custom report being used within the workspace.
     To resolve this behavior, open the custom report for edit and make the following modification:
          1. Go to Level tab in the top ribbon
          2. Edit (in Current Level section)
          3. Check the box to "Group Results"
          4. Click Ok out of that and Save and Close the report
          5. Have an associated agent log out and back into the application to test results
          * Once enabled, agents can then open incidents listed in the report results from the Attachments tab.

For information regarding finding and editing the report, refer to Answer ID 9521: Identifying items within an agent's workspace.