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Use a connection with Intelligent Advisor
Answer ID 6062   |   Last Review Date 06/25/2020

What is a connection in Intelligent Advisor?


Intelligent Advisor, latest release


A connection allows data from an application to be loaded into, and saved out of, an interaction with a policy model (such as a web-based interview). Connections to applications are created and managed on the Connections page in Intelligent Advisor Hub by the Hub Administrator for a project.

Intelligent Advisor supports several different types of connections:

  • Oracle B2C Service connections - provide a connection between a Service Cloud site and Intelligent Advisor Hub. Intelligent Advisor Hubs that were licensed with Service Cloud will automatically be connected to a Service Cloud instance.
  • Oracle Integration connections - provide a connection between an Oracle Integration site and Intelligent Advisor Hub. Oracle Integration connections are a subtype of generic provider web service connection and include certain settings required for connecting with Oracle Integration.
  • Web service connections - provide a connection between any application, other than Service Cloud, and Intelligent Advisor Hub via a web service connector. There are two types of web service connection: connector framework and generic provider. Pre-defined web service connectors are available for CX Sales and B2B Service, Siebel and some other Oracle applications.
  • Static metadata connections - provide a way, without developing a web service connection, for policy modelers to map to a particular pre-defined data model, even if that doesn't match any particular external application.
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