Key uses of Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service
Answer ID 5598   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Why would I use Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) Cloud Service?


Oracle RightNow CX February 2013 and newer, Oracle Policy Automation, OPA


Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service is an end-to-end solution for capturing, managing, and deploying and automating legislation, regulations, requirements and other document-based policies across channels and processes.

There are several key uses for Oracle Policy Automation Cloud Service:

  1. Anonymous advice
    • Calculators and the like can be provided to customers in the Service Cloud Customer Portal (or any other website or application)
    • Self-service advice can be kept up-to-date with the latest legislation and policies
  2. Customer advice
    • Information is loaded from a Contact or any related object so that existing information pre-fills some answers
    • Customers can be advised on the benefits or services most relevant to them
    • Documents describing detailed reasons for any decision can be printed or saved
  3. Case initiation
    • Answers and decisions are saved to the Service Cloud
    • Interviews can create new Service incidents or update other records to allow agents to follow-up
  4. Change of circumstance reporting
    • Customers can notify of changes in their personal circumstances
    • Existing Contact record or related information is updated

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