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Rules screen is blank when trying to edit
Answer ID 5558   |   Last Review Date 09/07/2021

Why does the rules screen not load and is blank when I try to edit rules?


Legacy Rules


When trying to edit rules, the 'edit' screen does not to load and appears blank. However the rules are fully visible in 'View Active' mode.


This answer pertains to Legacy rules only, not Enhanced Business Rules. 

If you look at the rule logs and can see that the some rule changes were made recently, there is a good chance that the rules have not saved successfully and are stuck. The rules will not be editable as they are locked in editing mode and the 'edit' screen will appear blank for all users who try to edit the rules.

To ensure no data is lost, you will need to ask the user who last updated the rules to revert the changes they have made and save them again. To do this:

  1. Log into the console
  2. Configuration --> Site Configuration --> Rules
  3. Click the 'Restore' button at the bottom of the rules screen
  4. Double check that the changes previously made still look correct
  5. Save the rules and hopefully the rule changes will save successfully allowing the edit screen to appear again.

If the rules revert back to the blank screen again when editing, an option would be to disregard the rule changes by clicking the 'Abandon' option after 'Restoring', reverting the system back to its previous state before the rule changes were applied. The rule changes can then be re-applied.


Further information regarding the 'Abandon and Restore' options can also be found in the answer link below:

Answer ID 4231: Abandon and Restore options in rules