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Deploy change to mobile page sets only
Answer ID 5304   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

When we try to deploy changes to our mobile page set, why does it say there is nothing in the Staging area to deploy? 


Oracle B2C Service Administrator Portal, Customer Portal, Deploying changes


We have disabled one of the mobile page set mappings for Customer Portal through the Administrator Portal but when we go to try and deploy the change, why does it say that there is nothing in the Customer Portal Stage area to deploy?  This is the only change that has been made to our Customer Portal pages.

When you enable or disable an option in Page Mapping the following is displayed – “Item # has been disabled.  Stage and Promote to make changes active in production mode”. 


In order to disable pagesets from the end user pages the following steps must be followed:
  1. Enter the Administrator portal by going to http://<sitename>/ci/admin
  2. Select "Settings -> Page Set Mappings" from the navigation header
  3. Choose "Disable" for the Page Set of your choice
    • Note the "Item # has been disabled. Stage and Promote to make changes active in production mode" message
  4. Select "Deploy -> Stage" from the navigation header
    • Note that if no other changes have been made the first staging tab, "1. Select Files > ", will show "No differences found."
  5. Select "2. Select Configurations >"
  6. Choose "Remove from staging" for the relevant Page Set
  7. Select "Next >"
  8. Select Stage
    • Note that similar steps must be followed to promote the changes to the end-user pages

The key is the note on step 4, which is confusing if you're used to seeing changes to pages and not page sets.


Changes to pageset availability are seen as configuration changes instead of page changes, so do not show up as changed files in the first screen of the Staging process.