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"Upload Failed" error moving file to production
Answer ID 4636   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why do I get an error when moving a file to the production folders using a WebDAV client?


Uploading files with a WebDAV client to the Customer Portal directories.


You must upload files to the development folders and make the changes live by deploying Customer Portal.  For more information on the deploy process refer to Answer ID 2849: Deploying Customer Portal pages. Note that you can only upload and edit files in the following directories.

Customer Portal v2: /euf/assets/ and /euf/development/.

Customer Portal v3: /cp/customer/assets and /cp/customer/development


You cannot upload files directly to the production folders in Customer Portal.  The files in the production folders are automatically compiled from the files in the development folders.  For a reference on the folders used in Customer Portal refer to Answer ID 4637: Folders in Customer Portal.