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Audit log of incident shows a description of "From Explorer"
Answer ID 4572   |   Last Review Date 02/12/2019

In the audit log of an incident, what does a description of "From Explorer" mean?


Incidents, Audit log


When the Description in the incident audit log says 'From Explorer' it means that a change was made to some data associated to the incident.  When this happens the incident must to be updated to reflect that change.  For instance, if a product, category or disposition is deleted an update will be made to every incident that is associated to the deleted record.  That edit will have a source of 'From Explorer.'  Another example of this behavior would be if an Account is moved to a different group.  The incident record does hold values for the assigned account and group IDs.  When an Account is moved to a new group an update will be made to every incident assigned to that account in order to reflect the new group ID.  The source of that edit will also be 'From Explorer' in this case.