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Incident incorrectly assigned from round robin (logged in) queue
Answer ID 4561   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

Why are new incidents, routed to a round robin (logged in) queue, assigned to an account not currently logged in?


Incident Queues, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service


This behavior can occur where there is invalid login data in the user transactions table.

To resolve this, you can use a standard report called Logged in Staff Accounts located in Analytics\Public Reports\Common\Site Administration\Staff Management.

You can also create a basic custom report to monitor logged in values. If you believe incidents are being assigned to agents not logged in, check this report to confirm what is in the user transactions table. A basic outline of such a report would be as follows:

Filter 1: user_trans.type = Login
This pulls only 'login' type transactions.

Filter 2: user_trans.acct_id is not null
This system only looks for transactions associated to specific account ID values.

Filter 3: user_trans.end_dttm is null
This pulls only login transactions where there is no end time (or logged out time).

NOTE: For filter 2 and 3, you may need to disable "Make this filter selectable at run time" to have the specific operators mentioned above become available.

Include output columns such as account, start date and end date to view the logged in date/time stamps for each agent.

Where you find one that is invalid (i.e. logged in for more than 12 hours or a disabled account), you can reset that user's login information. Login into the application under that account and then back out. This will update the user transactions table with an end time. The account will then be logged out of the application and no longer eligible for auto-assignments.


The user transactions table (user_trans) tracks when agents login/log out of the application, as well as other details. This is one of the tables the round robin feature looks at to determine if an agent is logged into the system and available for assignment. Where there are login times with no end times, the system believes these accounts are logged in. If those logged in accounts are also associated to the round robin queue in question, incidents will then be assigned to them.

Where an error occurred and an account was not able to log out of the application successfully, this can prevent the system from writing an end time for the logged in transaction. In this case, an invalid login record can be left in the user transactions table.

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