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Technical Account Manager
Answer ID 4051   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

What is a Technical Account Manager (TAM) and what services do they provide?


Oracle B2C Service Technical Account Managers


To better serve our customers, the Oracle B2C Service Support organization has created a team of Technical Account Managers (TAMs) to directly interface with key stakeholders in organizations that have purchased Oracle Cloud Priority Service.  The TAM team is comprised of technically-oriented project managers working within the Oracle B2C Service Technical Suppot group.  The TAM team works together with agents and leadership to provide accountability, internal customer advocacy, and customer-focused management across all departments.   The TAM acts as the "voice of the customer" within Oracle B2C Service Technical Support, focusing primarily on effective and efficient technical issue resolution and support. The TAM serves as an escalation contact point for all technical incidents.

Here are the key benefits to having a Technical Account Manager assigned to your organization:

  • Single point of contact
  • Faster response
  • Reduced resolution time

Here are some of the features of having a Technical Account Manager:

  • Advanced understanding of Customer's technical environment and product implementation.
  • Coordination of a virtual team of Oracle Cloud Support & Operations to resolve critical incidents.
  • Deliver regular proactive support reviews to assess response against best practices.


The responsibilities of the Technical Account Managers include the following mandates:

  • Monitor incidents submitted by customers to ensure commitments are met and appropriate resources are dedicated to issues based on severity

  • Act as a single point of escalation for Technical Support technical issues (both internally and externally)

  • Maintain detailed technical knowledge of the customer's deployment

  • Provide cross-functional guidance to customer and internal account team to ensure the technical health of the deployment and enhance the quality of the customer's overall experience with RightNow CX

  • Hold regular meetings with customer and designated internal account team members to assess and review any outstanding incidents and/or technical issues

  • Provide Technical Support metrics in Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) through Quarterly Service Reviews (QSRs)

  • Act as a customer liaison between the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support organization and other internal groups to ensure a smooth transition across departments (e.g. Professional Services, Technical Support, etc.)

  • Drive Service Exception Request (SER) process as necessary

  • Provide technical guidance in the update process

  • Provide regular Tune-Ups to optimize Customer's implementation and maximize the investment in the RightNow Cloud Service solution

To engage a Technical Account Manager for your organization, please contact your Sales Account Manager and ask about purchasing Priority Service.