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Reporting on contacts who submit answer feedback ratings in Customer Portal
Answer ID 2802   |   Last Review Date 02/10/2020

How can I determine which contacts submitted answer feedback ratings regarding my knowledge base content using the Clickstreams table?


Analytics, Customer Portal page sets
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


Oracle B2C Service Analytics gives the ability to build a custom report that uses the clickstreams table to show specific contacts who have left answer feedback, including the answer ID, answer summary, answer rating, timestamp, and contact information.  This data is available whether or not an incident was created from the feedback that was left./p>

(See attached file for full description of clickstreams table.)

To report this data, 'inner-join' the clickstreams and contacts tables, and use the following filters to show the past weeks' worth of answer feedback:

Expression = clickstreams.action_id in list Value = /ajaxRequest/AnswerRating    and    Expression = clickstreams.created greater than -1 Weeks Rounded Relative

The output columns available are:

clickstreams.created This is the timestamp
clickstreams.c_id Contact ID Contact's email address
clickstreams.context1 Answer ID that was rated
clickstreams.context2 Answer Summary
clickstreams.context3 Rating that was submitted