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Oracle B2C Service - Product Release Updates
Answer ID 2525   |   Last Review Date 07/13/2020

What are product updates and how are they applied?


Software updates for supported versions
Oracle B2C Service


Oracle periodically issues software updates for supported versions of Oracle B2C Service.  The purpose of these updates are to improve the capabilities of the service and/or to re-mediate known defects. Oracle's update technology utilizes a lightweight background process that minimizes impact on your network resources, requires no involvement from your IS team, and is seamless to customers and staff members. The key benefits of this technology include:

Important updates are deployed without requiring a full site update

A low-bandwidth download process ensures minimal impact on network resources

No impact to IS team or staff members currently using the workstation


The application of an update is not expected to result in downtime or reduced functionality and special preparation is not necessary for your agents and end-users.

When the smart client detects that a new update is available, it automatically downloads the update using a low-bandwidth, background process so that any current staff member activity on the workstation is not impacted. Once the update has been downloaded and deployed, it will be activated the next time the staff member logs into the application. Because all updated files have been previously downloaded and deployed, the time required to log in is not significantly impacted.

In the rare event an update should fail, a service request will be generated automatically and Technical Support will troubleshoot the issue.

Content and Schedule

There are several different types of updates including Maintenance Packs, Patches and Untested Patches.  All types of updates are built and deployed using the same technology.  The type of update is dictated solely by differences in the content and schedule.  The update process is designed to cause no impact to your service. However, because maintenance is being conducted, we want you to understand when it will occur.  See the answers below for additional descriptions of each type and for application scheduling (where available):

Oracle B2C Service – Maintenance Packs
Oracle B2C Service – Patches
Oracle B2C Service – Untested Patches

Refer to the Support Notifications portal for service notifications relating to system updates.

Important information

It is imperative that customers indicate an accurate synopsis of the impact a defect has to their business when they report a problem to Technical Support so Oracle can determine if the defect needs to be fixed in an update. Oracle does not take additional action based on customer requests for an update. 

Oracle determines when a product defect will be fixed through a release update as well as the type that will be used to deliver the fix.  Oracle strives to fix severe issues when it is possible.  

If the fix requires the implementation of new features, schema changes, or changes to customer-facing user interfaces and APIs, customers will be required to update for the fix.

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