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Using a severity field with Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 2155   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can we add a severity field to our Service site?


Incident Routing


You can use the system-defined Severity field with incidents in your Oracle B2C Service site. This allows agents to set the internal severity of the incidents they handle.

Note:  The Severity field only displays on the administration side of the application. It cannot be configured to display on the end-user pages.

In order for the Severity field to display to agents, make sure that the incident workspace used by your agents includes the Severity field.

To add menu options to the Severity field, use the steps below:

  1. From the Configuration Items, go to Application Appearance > Customizable Menus > System Menus > Incident Severity.

  2. To add an incident severity, click the New button on the ribbon. Or to edit an incident severity, click it in the tree.

  3. Enter the text for the severity level you are adding and enable the Visibility checkbox for the interfaces where you want that value to display in the Severity field and click Save.

  4. Add additional severity levels as you deem necessary.

  5. Click the Save and Close button on the ribbon to save the incident severities and close the editor.
    To determine which incident workspace is used, you may need to open the staff profile and click the Service tab to see which incident workspace is listed.

To include a severity field on the Ask a Question page:  You must define an incident custom field and enable it for end-user visibility. For more information on adding custom fields, refer to Answer ID 1131: Adding Custom Fields.

Note: After creating the custom field with end-user visibility enabled, that field will display on the end-user Ask a Question page.  In order for your staff to view the custom field, you must add the custom field to the incident workspaces used by your staff.

With the custom field in place, you can review the severity as established by your end-users.  If you also use the system-defined Severity field, you can then run reports that include both the end-user severity (from the custom field) and the agent-assessed severity (from the system-defined field). 

If there are significant differences between the two severity values, you may need to communicate more clearly what types of issues match which types of severity. In other cases, you may need to reassess how you categorize specific issues. Perhaps an issue is more severe and has more impact to your end-users than you initially thought.