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Enabling and using the HTML (WYSIWYG) editor with answers
Answer ID 1581   |   Last Review Date 03/05/2019

How do I enable the HTML / WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor to use when creating or editing answers?


HTML Editor
Oracle B2C Service, 17D and older versions


The HTML editor is always enabled when editing answers. From the Question or Answer field, you can add or edit content in Design or Source mode. By default, the Design and Source tabs display at the bottom of the Answer Text tab.

If you use answer variables to include specific HTML code such as a font face or color, you must use an answer variable to close the HTML tag used in the variable. For example, if you use a variable to call out a specific font color and to bold the text, then create an answer variable to close the font tag and to close the bold (strong) tag.

Design mode: In Design mode, you have a toolbox that allows you to easily insert answer links, insert conditional sections, search the knowledge base or call SmartMerge. The toolbox also allow you to easily add hyperlinks, images, and tables.

Note: When inserting a button from the toolbox, you must click to Source mode to add supporting code that executes for that button.

When working in Design mode, the default font appears to be Times New Roman, 12 pt. However, this is merely the setting of the menus. When text is added using these default values, no font face or font size callouts are indicated with the text. That is, there is nothing in the underlying HTML code that sets the font face or size to be the value of the menus.

As a result, the actual style used on the end-user pages is defined by the enduser.css style sheet, specifically the .text and .desc classes in the style sheet. It is not possible to specify a different default font used with the HTML editor. The font face and font size menus should only be used if you wish to set specific text to a certain font face or size.  (NOTE: The font in the Answer WYSIWYG can be determined by your browser's default font. It is set here: Control Panel > Internet Options > Appearance > Fonts > Webpage Font.)

To view the underlying HTML code, click the Source tab.

Source mode: If you prefer to use a text editor, click the Source tab and enter appropriate HTML code for your question and answer content. Note that only tags that appear within the <body> </body> tags of a page are supported in the answer editor Source view.  If you have questions about your code, change to the Design view and back to the Source view before completing your edits. Extraneous HTML tags are removed when moving to the Design view.

The Quick Preview tab allows you to preview the content of your Question and Answer fields -- even without saving the answer first. That way, if you are editing an existing, published answer, you can preview the modified content before you save it to your published answer.