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Correctly determine the host name to configure in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)
Answer ID 12453   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2022

How can I determine the correct Host to use in my Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) application?


All versions of Oracle Field Service (OFS)


While trying to configure an Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) in Applications page, I am not sure what to use for field "Host" and the available documentation doesn't state how it can be obtained from Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) instance.


To find our the correct host, please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) instance
  2. Open main menu on top left corner
  3. Select Integrations
  4. Find the needed integration in the list
  5. Hover on the integration and click on "Run" option
  6. Hint opens with a metadata URL
  7. Click on metadata URL to open it in a new browser tab
  8. On the new tab, identify the "Entity URL" and copy the host name. 

Host name does not need https or additional URL path. It usually ends in, for example {oic-instance}

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