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Setting more than one property using the same Set Property message step
Answer ID 12405   |   Last Review Date 09/14/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



Through Message Scenarios > Message Step, is there a way that I can assign a value ("body") to more than one properties ("subject") using the Set Property method? I have tried typing each property with an 'enter' in between properties, separating with coma, with semicolon but when I test the configuration I get "WRONG_CONFIGURATION" error in the message.



The Patterns tab defines the content of the message that is sent for the scenario step. Every pattern has a subject and body. While you can send values from several properties to your external applications using external system as a Delivery Channel, only one property can be set using the same Set Property Delivery Channel message step. Separate steps would need to be configured to achieve this request.