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Unable to add an Activity to a Shift
Answer ID 12377   |   Last Review Date 09/06/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



In Configuration > Calendars > Shifts, I select the shift I want to update and click Activities > Add Activity. The error message "System is misconfigured: activity type missing in configuration" is displayed and the Submit button is grayed out. The field 'Activity Type' is added to the screen context and I don't receive the error when I click Add activity through Dispatch Console.



In this case, the error is displayed because no activities of type 'Internal' are selected for visibility in aworktype.

  1. Go to Configuration > User Types and select the User Type associated to the user that is receiving the error. 
  2. Navigate to Screen Configuration > Add activity screen
  3. Locate Activity Type [aworktype] field and click on it
  4. In Value visibility section, make sure the activity group Internal is selected (to allow creation of any activity of this group) or at least the internal activity types you want to allow creation.