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Message displayed for an expired Where is My Technician (WMT) tracking URL
Answer ID 12220   |   Last Review Date 05/06/2022

Is it possible to translate the message that is displayed when the WMT tracking URL is expired?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



The Where's my Technician tracking URL that is send to our customers is available till the activity date and three days after. If a customer clicks this URL after it's expiration, the message "Sorry... Seems that this URL is no longer valid and details are not available." is displayed. Is it possible to update the translation of this message?


The message is displayed when the link is expired or when the token is no longer found. Therefore, it is not possible to use the language configuration from the WMT theme settings to change the language. It is not possible to know which particular theme should be used since the information expired. 











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