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Restrict Field Resources from accessing future routes
Answer ID 12195   |   Last Review Date 04/25/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



In our business model, we would like to restrict the Field Resources from looking at their future routes and only be able to see what is in the route for today or days in the past.



This configuration can be achieved by limiting the number of days that can be viewed in the calendar.

  1. Go to Configuration > Display
  2. Under General section, set the value of Number of days to view in "Calendars" screen to "0".

Field Resources will not be able to see future days in the calendar and will not be able to see what is placed in the route for future days. Managers, Dispatchers and Supervisors that have access to Dispatch screen and/or Manage screen will continue to have access to future days in the calendar.







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