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Using Work Skill field as a condition in a filter
Answer ID 12140   |   Last Review Date 04/05/2022


Oracle Field Service (OFS)



I have created filter to show only activities that have either 'Upgrade' work skill or 'Downgrade' work skill but when the filter is applied it does not show either of them.

The image shows a filter created for field Activity Work Skills IN Upgrade, Downgrade

When I select only one work skill (Upgrade or Downgrade) as a filter condition, I do get results.



This is expected behavior as the Work Skill [work_skill]  field has a different logic. When you use more than one Work Skills as a condition in a filter, they are not treated individually (Upgrade OR Downgrade). They are treated as a set (Upgrade AND Downgrade). For the activity to be shown under the filter, it would need to have both Upgrade and Downgrade Work Skills.

Work Skill Groups do not use the same logic and are treated separately (OR). A filter with one or more Work Skill Groups would display activities assigned to any Work Skills in the Groups.