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Out of the Box Search Dictionary Update for Knowledge Advanced
Answer ID 11949   |   Last Review Date 08/22/2021

How have out of the box dictionaries changed in 21C?


Knowledge Advanced


In 21C, out of the box search dictionaries have been updated to disable outdated terms and adjust number and location concepts. The table below provides details about what changes to expect.
Ontology Concept Language Synonyms Before
Base Concepts inch en |in.|inch|
Base Concepts cost per call en |cost per call|cost/call|
Base Concepts Hertz en |cycles/second|cycle per second|hertz|hz|cps|
Base Concepts homeowners insurance en |homeowner's insurance|homeowner's policy|homeowner''s policy|homeowner''s insurance|
|homeowner's coverage|homeowner coverage|homeowners insurance|homeowner policy|
|home insurance'|house insurance|home policy|home coverage|homeowner insurance|homeowner''s coverage|home insurance|
Base Concepts modem en |modem|modulator-demodulator|modulate demodulate|
Base Concepts multitasking en |process scheduling|multi task|multitasking|multi tasking|process/scheduling|multitask|
Base Concepts 2000 Any 2000
Base Concepts 2001 Any 01|2001
Base Concepts 2002 Any 02|2002
Base Concepts 2003 Any 03|2003
Base Concepts 2004 Any 2004|'04
Base Concepts 2005 Any 05|2005
Base Concepts 2006 Any 2006|'06
Base Concepts 2007 Any 07|2007
Base Concepts 2008 en |2008|'08|
Base Concepts billion en |1000000000|one thousand million|a billion|billion|
Base Concepts eight en |octonary|viii|8|octad|eight|
Base Concepts eighteen en |18|eighteen|xviii|
Base Concepts eighty en |fourscore|80|eighty|
Base Concepts eleven en |11|xi|eleven|
Base Concepts fifteen en |fifteen|15|xv|
Base Concepts fifty en |fifty|50|
Base Concepts five en |fivesome|cinque|quint|5|five|pentad|
Base Concepts forty en |40|twoscore|forty|
Base Concepts four en |4|foursome|tetrad|four|quaternary|iv|quartet|quatern|quaternity|
Base Concepts fourteen en |14|xiv|fourteen|
Base Concepts hundred thousand en |a hundred thousand|hundred thousand|100000|
Base Concepts hundred en |a hundred|one hundred|hundred|100|
Base Concepts nine en |nine|ix|9|
Base Concepts nineteen en |nineteen|19|xix|
Base Concepts ninety en |90|ninety|
Base Concepts seven en |heptad|seven|7|septet|vii|
Base Concepts seventeen en |seventeen|xvii|17|
Base Concepts seventy en |70|seventy|
Base Concepts six en |sixer|6|half dozen|sise|hexad|half a dozen|six|
Base Concepts sixteen en |sixteen|xvi|16|
Base Concepts sixty en |sixty|threescore|60|
Base Concepts ten en |ten|10|decade|
Base Concepts thirteen en |xiii|13|thriteen|long dozen|
Base Concepts thirty en |xxx|30|thirty|
Base Concepts thousand en |a thousand|thou|chiliad|one thousand|onethousand|thousand|k|1000|
Base Concepts three en |3|three|
Base Concepts trillion en |trillion|one million million|1000000000000|a trillion|
Base Concepts twelve en |xii|dozen|twelve|12|
Base Concepts twenty eight en |twenty eight|twentyeight|28|xxviii|
Base Concepts twenty five en |twenty five|twentyfive|25|xxv|
Base Concepts twenty four en |twenty four|24|twentyfour|xxiv|two dozen|
Base Concepts twenty nine en |twentynine|xxix|twenty nine|29|
Base Concepts twenty one en |21}xxi|twenty one|twentyone|
Base Concepts twenty seven en |twenty seven|xxvii|twentyseven|27|
Base Concepts twenty six en |twenty six|xxvi|26|twentysix|
Base Concepts twenty two en |xxii|twentytwo|22|twenty two|
Base Concepts twenty en |20|twenty|
Base Concepts two en |two|
Base Concepts zero en |nought|0|zero|naught|
Base Concepts one en |single|unique|one|
Global Location Concepts Oklahoma USA en |okla|oklahoma|sooner state|
Global Location Concepts Oregon USA en |beaver state|ore|oregon|
Global Location Concepts Indiana USA en |hoosier state|Ind|indiana|
Global Location Concepts Idaho USA en |gem state|idaho|
Global Location Concepts Georgia USA en |empire state of the south|GA|georgia|peach state|
Global Location Concepts Maine USA en |maine|pine tree state|
Global Location Concepts Wyoming USA en |wyo|wyoming|WY|equality state|
Global Location Concepts Wisconsin USA en |wisconsin|wis|WI|badger state|
Global Location Concepts West Virginia USA en ||west virginia|WV|mountain state|
Global Location Concepts Washington State USA en |evergreen state|washington|WA|Wash|
Global Location Concepts Washington DC USA en |dc|d.c|washington d.c.|district of columbia|washington dc|
Global Location Concepts Virginia USA en |VA|virginia|
Global Location Concepts Vermont USA en |VT|vermont|green mountain state|
Global Location Concepts Utah USA en |mormon state|UT|utah|beehive state|
Global Location Concepts Texas USA en |Tex|texas|TX|lone star state|
Global Location Concepts Tennessee USA en |tennessee|TN|volunteer state|tenn|
Global Location Concepts South Dakota USA en |SD|S.D|coyote state|south dakota|mount rushmore state|
Global Location Concepts South Carolina USA en |palmetto state|SC|S.C|south carolina|
Global Location Concepts Rhode Island USA en |RI|ocean state|rhode island|R.I|little rhody|
Global Location Concepts Pennsylvania USA en |keystone state|pennsylvania|
Global Location Concepts Oregon USA en |oregon|beaver state|ore|
Global Location Concepts Oklahoma USA en |sooner state|oklahoma|okla|
Global Location Concepts Ohio USA en |ohio|buckeye state|OH|
Global Location Concepts North Dakota USA en |peace garden state|north dakota|N.D|ND|
Global Location Concepts North Carolina USA en |old north state|tar heel state|NC|N.C|north carolina|
Global Location Concepts New York USA en |NY|N.Y|new york state|new york|empire state|
Global Location Concepts New Mexico USA en |NM|n.mex|land of enchantment|new mexico|
Global Location Concepts New Jersey USA en |garden state|NJ|N.J|new jersey|
Global Location Concepts New Hampshire USA en |NH|N.H|granite state|new hampshire|
Global Location Concepts Nevada USA en |silver state|nevada|sagebrush state|NV|battle born state|Nev|
Global Location Concepts Nebraska USA en |cornhusker state|nebr|nebraska|NE|
Global Location Concepts Montana USA en |treasure state|montana|Mont|MT|
Global Location Concepts Missouri USA en |missouri|show me state|MO|
Global Location Concepts Mississippi USA en |Miss|magnolia state|mississippi|MS|
Global Location Concepts Minnesota USA en |Minn|minnesota|north star state|MN|gopher state|
Global Location Concepts Michigan USA en |michigan|mich|MI|wolverine state|great lakes state|
Global Location Concepts Massachusetts USA en |Mass|old colony|massachusetts|MA|bay state|
Global Location Concepts Maryland USA en |old line state|free state|maryland|MD|
Global Location Concepts Maine USA en |pine tree state|maine|
Global Location Concepts Louisiana USA en |LA|pelican state|louisiana|
Global Location Concepts Kentucky USA en |bluegrass state|KY|kentucky|
Global Location Concepts Kansas USA en |sunflower state|KS|kansas|
Global Location Concepts Iowa USA en |iowa|hawkeye state|IA|
Global Location Concepts Indiana USA en |indiana|hoosier state|Ind|
Global Location Concepts Illinois USA en |land of lincoln|illinois|IL|Ill|prairie state|
Global Location Concepts Idaho USA en |idaho|gem state|
Global Location Concepts Hawaii USA en |hawaii island|HI|sandwich islands|hawaiian islands|hawaii|
Global Location Concepts Georgia USA en |GA|empire state of the south|peach state|georgia|
Global Location Concepts Florida USA en |Fla|sunshine state|florida|FL|everglade state|
Global Location Concepts Delaware USA en |diamond state|Del|DE|delaware|first state|
Global Location Concepts Connecticut USA en |constitution state|connecticut|nutmeg state|CT|Conn|
Global Location Concepts Colorado USA en |CO|Colorado|
Global Location Concepts California USA en |california|CA|
Global Location Concepts Arkansas USA en |AR|land of opportunity|Ark|arkansas|
Global Location Concepts Arizona USA en |grand canyon state|ariz|arizona|AZ|
Global Location Concepts Alaska USA en |last frontier|Alas|alaska|AK|
Global Location Concepts Alabama USA en |Ala|heart of dixie|AL|alabama|camellia state|
Global Location Concepts United States en |america|united states|united states of america|unitedstates|US|usa|
Base Concepts co operative en |coop|co op|
Base Concepts trip en |trip|journey|travel|
Base Concepts laser disc en |laser disc|compact disc video|videodisc|video disk|laservision|laser video|videodisk|cdv|laserdisc|laser disk|laserdisk|video disc|laservideo|
Base Concepts pager en |pager|one way pager|beeper|
Base Concepts payphone en |coin phone|public telephone|pay telephone|public phone|pay phone|payphone|coin operated phone|coin telephone|
Base Concepts trackball en |scroll ball|trackball|scrollball|track ball|
Base Concepts video cassette en |video cassette|videotape|videocassette|video tape|vhs|
Base Concepts visabuxx en |reloadable visa card|card for kid|visa buck|visabux|card for teen|visa for teen|visa bux|reloadable card|
|visabuxx|visa for kid|visabuc|reloadable visa|kid visa|refillable card|visa buc|kids visa|refillable visa|visabuck|refillable visa card|visa buxx|teen visa|
Base Concepts lumen en |lm|lumen|
Base Concepts lumens per watt en |lpw|lumens per watt|
Base Concepts performance incentive fund en |pif|performance incentive fund|
Base Concepts sales education and development en |sales education & development|sed|
Base Concepts sales support en |sso|sales support|
Base Concepts sea en |Atlantic|Indic|Mediterranean|Pacific|sea|ocean|beach|
Base Concepts phone identification number en |pi n|p in|personal identity number|pin number|personal identification number|pincode|p i n|
|pin code|pin|personal id number|pers id num|pers id number|
Base Concepts sort code number en |sort code no|sortcode num|sort code number|sortcode no|sort code num|sortcode number|
Base Concepts location routing number en |location routing number|lrn|
Base Concepts routing number en |aba|aba number|transitnumber|aba #|routing no|routing transit number|bank identifier #|routing num|
|swift code|aba code|bank identifier code|routing code|bic #|american bankers assoc number|aba num|
|american bankers association #|american bankers association routing number|transit #|american bankers association routing #|
|bic code|bank identifier number|transit num|routing nbr|routing #|bic number|routing number|routingnumber|
|american bankers assoc #|routing transfer number|american bankers association number|swift number|swift #|transit number|transit code|swift|
Base Concepts state tax en |540|state tax|540 form|
Base Concepts test driven development en |tdd|
Base Concepts Americans with Disabilities Act en |americans with disabilities act|
Base Concepts AOL instant messenger en |aim|aol instant messenger|
Base Concepts automatic en |auto|machinelike|automatonlike|automatic|robotlike|
Base Concepts blu ray disc player en |blu ray disc player|blue ray disc player|bluray disc player|bd player|blue ray disk player|
|blu ray disk player|blu ray player|bluray disk player|blueray disk player|blue ray player|blueray disc player|
Base Concepts calender month en |every month|30 days|each month|month|31 days|calendar month|monthly|
Base Concepts canadian standard association en |csa|canadian standards association|
Base Concepts federal tax en 1040|1040 form|federal tax
Base Concepts Medicaid en |medicaid|
Base Concepts Medicare en |medicare|
Base Concepts REO real estate owned en |reo|
Base Concepts W 10 en |w 10 form|w 10|w10 form|w10|
Base Concepts W 11 en |w 11 form|form w11|w11 form|w 11|w11|
Base Concepts W 12 en |w12|form w12|w 12|w12 form|w 12 form|
Base Concepts W 2 en |w 2 form|w2 form|w 2|form w2|w2|
Base Concepts W 3 en |form w3|w3|w 3form|w3 form|w 3|
Base Concepts W 4 en |form w4|w4|w 4 form|w 4|w4 form|
Base Concepts W 7 en |w 7 form|form w7|w7|w7 form|w 7|
Base Concepts W 8 en |form w8|w 8 form|w8|w 8|w8 form|
Base Concepts W 9 en |w 9|w9|form w9|w9 form|w 9 form|
Base Concepts Windows 95 en |windows 95|ms windows 95|win 95|
Base Concepts Windows 98 en |windows 98|ms windows 98|win98|windows98|win 98|
BaseConcepts Windows 9x en |win9x|win 9x|win95 98|windows9x|windows 9x|win 95 98|
Base Concepts Windows Me en |windows me|windows millennium|winme|windowsme|win me|
Base Concepts Windows NT en |nt server|win nt|windowsnt|windows nt|winnt|
Base Concepts Windows RT en |ms windows rt|windows rt|microsoft windows rt|ms win rt|
Base Concepts Yahoo en |yahoo|yahoo!|
Base Concepts Yahoo Messenger en |yahoo messenger|yahoo ! Messenger|
Base Concepts biannual en |twice a year|two times a year|bi annually|two times each year|
Base Concepts bimonthly en |twice in a month|two monthly|twice monthly|every two months|
Base Concepts difficulty en |difficult|hard|
Base Concepts discontinuation en |discontinue|give up|lay off|cease|quit|
Base Concepts happen en |occur|come about|take place|
Base Concepts support en ||
Base Concepts chemistry en |chemical|chemic|