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Knowledgebase search behaves differently in BUI than in the .Net console
Answer ID 11910   |   Last Review Date 07/06/2021

Why does the Knowledge search behave differently in BUI vs .Net?


Answers, Search knowledgebase .Net console vs BUI
Oracle B2C Service all versions


In the .NET console, there are two search types while BUI has both of these included in the single search button available

1) Smart Assistant search

    This is a search that is based on the current incident. For an agent, they want to find answers that are closely related to exactly what they're looking at. This means that we want to match the product and category on the incident, in order to narrow the search results.

2) Search Knowledgebase (General Search)

    If the smart assistant search doesn't find anything useful, the agent should switch to a more general search, where they can look around for content that is not related to the incident at hand. For example, it's possible that the prod/cat on the incident is not actually correct (it was usually chosen by the end-user), so the agent uses their expertise to search further afield.


The intention is to start with a search related to the current incident, and then, if nothing suitable is found, move to a more general search across the whole knowledgebase. These two workflows are separated into two buttons in the .NET console, but in BUI, we just have the single 'Search Knowledgebase' button.

This is the explanation behind the product and category values being set when you first open the search knowledgebase slide out from an incident in BUI. The control starts in the 'Smart Assistant' search type and the agent can move to the general search case if they want.