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Accessing Rule Log for Enhanced Business Rules in Browser UI
Answer ID 11881   |   Last Review Date 05/03/2021

Where is the Rule Runtime Log located for Enhanced Business Rules? 


Oracle B2C Service, Browser UI Enhanced Business Rules


Once you migrate to the Browser UI Enhanced Business Rules in the Browser UI, you will want to view the Rule Runtime Log to determine which rules have been matched against your incident. These logs filter by i_id (incident ID) which can been seen from the incidents' workspace tab (when viewing an incident) and hover over the tab where it displays the reference number. The output in these logs is similar to the rule log you were used to seeing in the .NET agent desktop. 

This Rule Runtime Log can be viewed from Navigation -> Analytics -> Reports Explorer -> search on "rule runtime log". You'll see it listed in the results. Notice this is also a folder by the same name. Pull up the Rule Runtime Log report and then search by i_id number. 

Further details regarding migrating Business Rules can be found here:  Business Rules on the Agent Browser UI.



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