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Receiving Support for my OCI VPN
Answer ID 11805   |   Last Review Date 07/14/2021

How can I receive support for my OCI VPN?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


I have a problem with my OCI VPN and I don't know how to report the issue.


Because OCI VPN is built using OCI tenancy and is a part of OCI product, OFS Support does not have access to the customer's configuration. To resolve any VPN-related issues, OFS customers should contact the OCI Support team using the instructions below.


1- Go to My Oracle Support and sign in.

2- If you are not signed in directly to Oracle Cloud Support, click Sign in to Cloud Support at the top of the page.

3- Click Service Requests

4- Click Create Service Request

5- Select the following:

  • Service Type: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Problem Type: <chose relevant issue>

6- Enter your contact information

7- Enter a Description, and then enter the following specific information:
    * Required Information for Support (Please copy the textual OCID, not screenshots of text)* 

  • Tenancy OCID
  • Compartment OCID
  • Affected Service OCID's - Compute instance OCID, dbsystem OCID, VCN issues require VCN, subnet, security list OCIDs
  • Region and AD you see the issue
  • Detailed description of your issue
  • Reproducible steps if any

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