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Test site (TST) management best practices
Answer ID 11730   |   Last Review Date 03/23/2022

How does Oracle recommend I utilize and manage my test (TST) site?


Oracle B2C Service Test Sites, All versions


Oracle recommends you refresh your test site approximately one week after every production cutover. Refreshing is a "clone down" process where the TST site is destroyed and then a new TST clone of production is created. Refreshing regularly helps keep the TST site on the same version as your production site. TST site refreshes are initiated using Configuration Assistant and your refresh options are explained here Updating Oracle B2C Service Test Site Version

It is important you keep your TST site on a supported version. A TST site should be a current reflection of your production site. A TST site should not be a code repository or storage location. The Oracle B2C Service Version Update Policy applies to test sites as well as production sites.

A test site (TST) is intended to be a sandbox environment for customization development, staff training, new feature exploration and configuration testing before migrating the work to the production site. Test sites are well suited for agile development. Work is completed on the test site and then moved to production. Element Manager makes moving customizations and configuration very simple between test sites and production. For further information, see Element Manager current capabilities For a deeper dive please see our Test Site Details answer.


End of life test sites will be disabled and then destroyed two months later.

Knowledge Advanced will be disabled on end of life test sites.