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Sending a post-chat survey through an inlay
Answer ID 11723   |   Last Review Date 10/12/2020

How do I present a post-chat survey to my customer through inlays?


All supported versions of chat inlays


Presenting end-users with a post-chat survey through inlays is achieved through a configuration file, not a chat business rule.  In the build of chat inlays, a special string was added to the embedded inlay to serve this purpose, postChatClosingMessageAdditional details for this inlay string can be found in the information under build in the "Prior Builds" heading from the answer Oracle Inlay Updates
Creating configuration files for inlays is addressed in the online inlay documentation:  The section for configuration files is under Documentation --> OIT Config Files.  Available attributes and strings for the embedded inlay can be found in the same online documentation from Inays -->  inlay-oracle-chat-embedded.
Below is an example of the postChatClosingMessage string definition in a configuration file:
  "inlays": {
      "types": {
          "inlay-oracle-chat-embedded": {
              "strings": {
                    "postChatClosingMessage": "Thank you for chatting with us today, please fill out a survey by clicking [here]("

Note:  At this time, there is not a manner in which a chat ID or an agent ID can be passed in with the survey.  A future build of inlays will include this functionality. 

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