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Changes applied to a certain User Type affected another User Type
Answer ID 11679   |   Last Review Date 07/28/2020

Why did a change applied to a certain User Type's screen configuration also affected the configuration of another User Type?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


We have modified a visibility condition of a property for a certain User Type. Users of another User Type are reporting that they are affected and are no longer able to see this property.


This behavior is expected when both User Types are sharing the screen configuration. Changes made on screen contexts of either User Type will also be applied to the other.

To verify if the User Types are sharing screen configuration, select one of the User Types in Configuration > User Types and select the Screen Configuration tab. The message 'Screen configuration shared with' will be displayed right under the Screen Configuration tab.

If you would like to remove the screen configuration sharing between these User Types and have two independent User Types, visit 11036: Removing User Type from the list of Shared Configuration Screen