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Search by Activity ID (aid)
Answer ID 11450   |   Last Review Date 04/09/2020

How can I search activities by Activity ID (aid)?


Oracle Field Service (OFS)


In Business Rules > Activity Search Fields, Activity ID (aid) field is not available for configuration. I would like to have the possibility to search activities by Activity ID (aid).


Activity ID (aid) is an Oracle Field Service native field that was not designed to be used in Search functionality. However, you can achieve this goal by following the steps below:

  1. Create a custom property (for example: xa_aid_copy). 
  2. In add_activity Message Scenario, create a message step selecting as Delivery Channel 'set_property' and parameter Sending Time 'Time of Event'. In the Patterns tab, set the Subject field with the new property label (for example: "xa_aid_copy") and set the Body field to be "{aid}".
  3. In Business Rules > Activity Search Fields, add the new custom property (in this example:. xa_aid_copy). Save the changes.

This message step will copy the value from the Activity ID field to the new property when the Add launch condition is triggered. Allowing you to search for the value.

NOTE: You will be able to search this value in activities created after this configuration or for previously created activities where the add_activity scenario was triggered after this configuration (for example, if an activity was moved after the configuration, add_activity scenario is triggered).